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About the Artist - Jonathan Cloutier 

Having just finished his studies in international law and politics and after travelling the world, Jonathan is just starting out in his career as a full-time artist and is currently building his artistic approach in his new creations.


“I want to make existentialism – which for me revolves around what it means to be human and who are we in relation to ourselves and our environment – the backbone of my work. My style is surrealism, in order to combine my more technical and precise qualities in portraiture and hyperrealism, with my thirst for creativity and quest for meaning. To me, my paintings represent the possibility of expressing the unknown, questions, and dreams, where mysticism married to surrealism can create a world bigger than myself. A world not limited by the sense of self as an ego, a world that represents the greatness of the transcendent reality that unites all things. A world where I can discover myself and leave to others the possibility, I hope, of discovering themselves a little too.”